Thursday 24 June 2021

Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Alex Kidd Main Theme (Remix)

What's that, a new remix starring SEGA's first mascot, Alex Kidd?! You guessed right, just in time for the release of Miracle World DX too!


Friday 18 June 2021

Video Game Music 2020 Compilation!

The 2020 edition of my Video Game Music compilation album is out now, featuring 38 of my tracks from last year and 2 new unreleased tracks.

First track is from Streets of Rage 2:

Summer's here so let's take this to the beach... of Rage! Remix of Wave 131 from Streets of Rage 2. Released as part of my Video Game Music 2020 compilation album!


NieR: Replicant - Song of the Ancients - Fate (Remix)

Returning once again to the world of NieR, this time with a remix of Song of the Ancients - Fate from NieR: Replicant.